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Visiting Amsterdam?

Download the Gablestone Quest App and start exploring Amsterdam's rich history. Follow the quest and locate the special gable stones. Available in English, German and Dutch.

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Explore the canal-sided city with the free Gablestone Quest App. Follow the quest, locate all gable stones and discover unique details of Amsterdam's history. Learn more about gable stones and the stories they tell about former owners of the houses they decorate.

Get a fresh perspective as you weave through picturesque streets and along idyllic canals to find your next location. Enjoy the unique ambiance of Amsterdam's historic center in a fun and memorable way.

Auch auf Deutsch verf├╝gbar.

Ook beschikkbar in het Nederlands.

All About Gablestones

Look up! Gablestones bring Amsterdam's history to life.

Historic Gablestones

More about

Find your way

Gablestones used as address

Gablestones move too

Old stones on modern houses

Modern Gablestones

Proud home owners continuing tradition


Craftsmen's advertise their services


Mills were a common sight

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About Gablestone Quest

So much to see, so much to discover.

An Winkler


I fell in love with Amsterdam when I moved here more than 12 years ago. Amsterdam is often referred to as an "open air museum", but it is much more than a museum: it's home to a open-minded and welcoming group of people. Amsterdam: A vibrant city, proudly building on its heritage.

I am searching for quirky little details that bring Amsterdam's history to life and connect modern life with history.

Join me in roaming the city and discovering hidden gems and stories.